Stripe is better then PayPal ?buy verified stipe account

How to setup a Stripe account:

Stripe is a multipurpose payment processing portal used by companies around the world. Stripe’s set up process is so easy and they provide a great pricing structure that’s why using Stripe is great. Besides, Stripe can be accomplished with your “Create store” which offers you accept various currencies also credit and debit cards.

Stripe is an Irish-American financial service company, since 2009. This company generally provides payment processing software and application programming interfaces for e-commerce websites and mobile apps. It’s a private financial service industry. This private company was founded by Mr. Patrick and John Collison. Its headquarters are situated in San Francisco, California, US and Dublin, Ireland. They provide payments, billing, connect, sigma, atlas radar (Fraud prevention), issuing, terminal etc. services.  

Stripe is available for business in about 40+ countries. By using Stripe, you can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers as well. Interestingly they accept 135+ currencies, as well as Apple pay, Google pay and other local payment methods.

Stripe is better then PayPal ?buy verified stipe account

Stripe payment: Stripe payments refers to get paid with all major cards from customers around the world through web or mobile applications. it takes a fee for every payment.

Radar: stripe product Radar is a fraud prevention system. It works by machine learning algorithms. Risky charges will appear in your account as failed payments.

Sigma: Stripe Sigma, a user interface allows you to create custom reports. It works by SQL queries that run on your data.

Relay: it Relay allows other business to sell their goods through your mobile application. Without visiting web page, customers can purchase through app.

Atlas: yes its Atlas helps to start internet business through setting up a US company. The whole process take a couple of days to complete.

Benefit of Stripe plugin:

1.     They receive all major debit and credit cards and local payment methods.

2.     Help their users to input their payment information quickly and correctly at checkout

3.     They support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

4.     They are optimized for mobile and fast checkout.

5.     They provide better detect and prevent fraud with the help of Radar and 3de secure.

6.     They can easily capture authorizations and process refunds from WooCommerce Subscriptions.

7.     They support recurring payments with different payment methods.

8.     If eligible, you can get paid within minutes.

9.     Benefit of new free updates and innovative functionality if launches.

Local payment methods to reach customers:

By using it, payment methods can be activated from your Stripe Dashboard. If a payment method from your Dashboard is activated, update your Woo Commerce Checkout settings to list the payment method on your checkout page.  Payments will show up in your Dashboard.  You can check out Stripe’s guide to payment methods to discover and select the right payment methods for customers.

Easy monitoring and reporting:

In your Dashboard you can see, manage and action all your data and account balance. Stripe’s interface is so fast, and it exposes everything from bank transfers to HTTP request logs and gives an instant type-ahead search over all your data.

Stripe is better then PayPal ?buy verified stipe account

Stripe has built-in reporting features and off-the-shelf financial reports:

1.     Monthly report: it shows a useful overview of your account’s activity from month to most recent day.

2.     Payout report: shows payout details including charges/refunds/adjustments that are linked to a specific payout.

3.     Transaction level balance breakdown: Shows line-by-line activity outline that shows your Stripe balance.

Instant payouts: This feature provide you immediate access to your own funds. Easy cash flow or cover unexpected expenses 24/7.

New users won’t be able to access to Instant Payouts until a payment history is made. To check eligibility, log in to your Stripe account and go to ‘Balance’ then ‘Payouts’ and click “Pay out funds instantly.” If you are not eligible, you can request for access.

Stripe connect:

Stripe connect is a set of APIs and tools that’s helps to route the payments between recipients, businesses and customers who need to be paid. This process is ideal for both software platforms and marketplaces. Stripe users don’t have to worry for making accurate payments as it will send funds to recipients on its own.

Stripe allows you to track balanced amounts in the platform’s account. By the help of Stripe connect tool, one can pay clients directly to their bank accounts with a click.

Necessary things to open a Stripe account:

1.     EIIN Number

2.     A physical location in the country of your EIIN.

3.     A phone number.

4.     A Government ID (passport or driver’s license)

Stripe is better then PayPal ?buy verified stipe account

Creating a Stripe account:

Those who want to create a Stripe account, he needs to have admin level permissions in commerce7 and should be an owner of the business or have an equivalent authority. He will need convenient company, personal and banking information.

The steps of creating a Stripe account are given below:

1.     In the C7 admin navigate to Settings then Payments and press Connect with Stripe.

2.     Enter email address. Click next and create a secure and safe password.

3.     Enter phone number. You will receive a text to continue.

4.     Store your account recovery code safely.

5.     Enter business details including address.

6.     Enter personal details including legal name, email address, date of birth and social insurance number.

7.     Put additional business details.

8.     Enter bank information to receive your payouts.

9.     Complete the rest of the Stripe questions to back to the C7 general settings and you will see under Payment Activated: Yes.

How to setup a Account:

1.     First, go to Stripe and create your account using legal information.

2.     Then, log in to your dashboard and turn your account from ‘Test’ to ‘Live’.

3.     Click ‘Active Account’ to fill out the standard business details.

4.     After completing the form click ‘Active Account’.

5.     Now your account is live. Now go to ‘Your Account’ and select ‘Account Settings’

6.     Click on the ‘API Keys’ tab and copy the ‘Live Secret Key’

7.     Login to your account.

8.     Go to SETTINGS then STOREFRONT.

9.     Then stretch ‘Payment’ section.

10.Turn ON ‘Accepts Credit Cards’

11.Below the ‘Credit Card Processor’ select “Stripe”.

12.Go to Stripe settings section and update the information for “API Publishable Key” and “API Secret Key” gained from your Stripe account.

13. After that, select “Save Settings.” You have successfully done.

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